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Configuration 2: Module Styling

Now is as good a time as any to style your module to match your template. The default styling is contained in the system plugin under the "Module Display Options" tab.

If you aren't familiar with CSS, now is the time to get your designer involved. All of the elements in the module can be easily accessed in the DOM via descriptive class names. This site uses a slightly modified default. I removed 2 borders and added some left margin to the button. It is very close to the factory default.

Be sure to cycle through all of the options in order to see all of the displays. There are 3:

  1. Message
    • This is only displayed when the "Module" display method is chosen.
  2. Declined
    • This is displayed when a user has declined cookies, providing them an option to reconsider.
  3. Accepted
    • This is displayed only when a user has accepted, providing them an option to reconsider.

Once you have styled the module to your liking, you can (and should) copy the CSS to your template and turn "Use Plugin CSS" off. This will reduce the size of your pages and speed up your site slightly.