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Cookie Name Domain Description
Session Cookie .gdpr.richeyweb.com The session cookie is required for authentication, preference tracking, and other necessary functions to fully engage with this website. The name of the session cookie is randomly generated.
Social Sharing .twitter.com .facebook.com .google.com Accepting this class of cookie will allow us to place social sharing buttons on the page.
Google Ad Cookies .doubleclick.net .everesttech.net Accept and revoke this consent to see Google ads (and associated cookies) come and go on the site.
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Configuration 1: Module Placement

The EU e-Privacy Directive extension uses a module to provide the circular consent options. When a user accepts cookies, the module offers the ability to revoke them. When a user revokes, the module offers the ability to reconsider again. The plugins will not work without the module, and the module will not work without the plugins. Together, they meet the GDPR consent requirements that users have the option to undo their previous decision.

Where the module is placed depends on your template and the available positions. On this site using a slightly modified Protostar template, the module was placed in position-0. Some users place it in the footer and even in the debug position. Because you enabled the system plugin in the last step, the module will display something when you place it in a position. Play around with different positions, and don't worry about the style for now. We will cover that next. First, find a good position.

Don't forget to choose which pages it displays on. By default, newly installed modules are configured to display on no pages.