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Google Analytics

Google does a lot of things to ensure the ubuquity of their cookies. This is apparent when you look at the cookies set by Google Analytics. For maximum coverage of your web properties, they use a wildcard domain when setting their cookies. It's your domain, but it may not be the domain you're using for your normal site cookies.

As you can see above, this site is "" - cookies set by this site (HTTP or Javascript) are from the domain "". Analytics cookies for this site, however, are from the domain "" (notice it's the domain.tldr preceded by a period). It's difficult to reliably determine the domain that Analytics may use - so there is a configuration in the System - EU e-Privacy Directive plugin to handle this (and other) scenario. When you determine the domain used for your analytics cookies - just add it to the plugin Advanced tab "Cookie Domains" setting. This is what it looks like for this site:

The easy way out is to use a Google Analytics plugin that does not use cookies, like this one: