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The GDPR expands upon the EU e-Privacy Directive cookie consent requirements making them more restrictive. Recital 30 and Recital 26 classify (most) cookies as devices that can be used to identify users and define them as personal data. In order to collect personal data, you must gain consent. Because the GDPR demands that consent must be as easy to withdraw as it is to give, the EU e-Privacy Directive plugin has been modified to be in full compliance.

To maintain compliance with this Joomla extension, it must be implemented correctly. The method of implementation prescribes that cookie-creating content be treated in a specific manner in order to maintain a cookie-free environment until the user has consented to cookies.

This extension is a pair of plugins and a module. ALL 3 extensions are REQUIRED for operation of this extension and full compliance with the GDPR. This document will detail downloading, installing, and configuring the basic functionality. Extended documentation will cover 3rd party cookie blocking, as well as additional configurations to comply with some EU member state regulations.

Warning: When enabled, the EU e-Privacy Directive will log you out of /administrator if you refresh a front-end screen that has not accepted cookies within the same browser (different tab). If you wish to test and configure at the same time, you may want to use a second browser to remain logged in to /administrator while browsing the site without cookies.

If you haven't watched the full demo video, it may give you some idea of the display capabilities. This video was made before GDPR modifications were made, however, the modifications did not alter the way the extension appears or functions. I may make a new version of the video in the future to highlight the GDPR functionality.