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Cookie Name Domain Description
Session Cookie .gdpr.richeyweb.com The session cookie is required for authentication, preference tracking, and other necessary functions to fully engage with this website. The name of the session cookie is randomly generated.
Social Sharing .twitter.com .facebook.com .google.com Accepting this class of cookie will allow us to place social sharing buttons on the page.
Google Ad Cookies .doubleclick.net .everesttech.net Accept and revoke this consent to see Google ads (and associated cookies) come and go on the site.
You have declined cookies. This decision can be reversed.

This utility can list cookies for current domain, but cannot list cookies for other domains for security reasons. For more details on the Same Origin Policy, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Same-origin_policy

On this website, prior to accepting cookies, this list will be empty. Once accepted, however, this list grows to include Same Origin Joomla (session and extension specific cookies), Google Analytics (_ga, and _gid cookies), as well as Google Adsense (_gat_gtag_UA_2542435_2). The EU e-Privacy Directive plugin blocks cookies from this server, it blocks cookies from being set by javascript, and withholds a specially configured access level to prevent Google Analytics and Adsense cookies from being set. Other cookies are prevented from other origins, such as YouTube - which sets a variety of cookies as long as the plugin and content is configured correctly.

Once cookies are accepted, however, the EU e-Privacy Directive plugin cannot control cookies from 3rd party sites, as they are from a different domain and are out of reach due to the Same Origin Policy (linked above). You can return your browser to a cookie-free state for this site if you want to test this functionality. By following the process for your browser on the Clearing Cookies page, you can experience the cookie blocking capabilities of the EU e-Privacy Directive plugin.